DIY Services Client Terms

Our Video Call Service


We offer video consultation calls (‘Video Service’) to enable you to speak to our consultant building practitioner when you wish to have one-on-one assistance. When you book our Video Service, we offer time slots of 10 minutes. You can purchase one or more time slots in advance and we will set up your facetime or Skype call with you.

We will review your images, any photos, discuss your issue and provide our recommendations. Please note: our recommendations are limited to what we can view through our Video Service and our experience. We may not be able to identify all issues associated with your DIY project such as internal pipes, electrical wiring or other potential structural impediments that may affect the recommendations or information we provide. We cannot be held responsible if you cause damage based on our recommendation as we cannot control what or how you may interpret it. We will, however, try to provide various warnings or alert you to potential problem areas or issues wherever possible. Any work you undertake as a result of the information we provide is entirely at your own risk.

Changes or cancellation of Video Service call

We require a minimum of 24 hour notice if you wish to change or cancel the Video Service booking. We will then work with you to find another time to reschedule that is suitable.

We do not guarantee that our recommendations means you can fix any issue or project you may have however we will provide guidance on the best way we believe you can resolve your issue. In some cases, our recommendation may include the requirement for outside professionals for items such as electrical, plumbing, mechanical or other specialized work.

We do not offer refunds if you do not agree with or are not happy with our information or suggestions on the Video Service. In the event you do not agree or are not happy with our information, you may wish consult another professional for a second opinion. You decide to use our services on an ‘as is’ basis without any warranties or guarantees that your problem, issue or project may be fixed or able to be fixed.


We may or may not endorse various Do-It-Yourself (‘DIY’) Projects on our website or in any Video Service call. All DIY projects you undertake are done at your own risk. You take full responsibility for any and all projects commenced or undertaken by you and we are in no way to be held responsible for any loss or damage you may experience, suffer or cause to any person, property or otherwise.

As with any DIY project, you need to be familiar with the tools and process or it is otherwise dangerous. Our information on this site for educational and theoretical only. It is not to be construed as personal advice at any time.

If you are at all unfamiliar or inexperienced working on any of these projects, particularly but not limited to using power tools, doing any electrical work, plumbing, mechanical or other specialized work, you should reconsider doing the work yourself and have a professional assist you. Any inexperience with tools or process can be dangerous and can also cause damage to your property or may create a hazardous situation for you or others. In some cases, it may void any insurance policy you may have.

Our information accessed on or through the website is theoretical only and we cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect action you may take and any injury that may be suffered as a result of misuse or misunderstanding of any DIY project.

By using our website, you agree to indemnify, Keith Storey Builder Pty Ltd, its directors, officers, employees, contractors, affiliates and related companies for any and all claims, damages, losses and causes of action arising out of your direct or indirect action, breach or alleged breach of any of our terms, or use of the website. In any case, our liability is limited to the amount paid by you for our services.

The information on our website is not a substitute for obtaining professional advice or professional assistance for your specific situation.